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Can junk food cause acne ?

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From the outset many people will associate acne with junk food (fast food). Most believe rightly or not that eating poorly and favor junk food can cause or worsen cases of acne. There are two schools of thought about it.  Some experts say that the fast food teenagers particularly enjoy has nothing to do with the irruption of the dreaded pimples. Others insist that the appearance of acne pimples is related to a poor diet or at least eating badly doesn’t help in preventing or curing acne.   What are the facts?

Acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands. The sebum produced by these glands clog the pores of the skin, trapping bacteria and causing inflammatory infection resulting in a rash of acne pimples. The sebaceous gland activity may be disturbed by hormonal fluctuations. This explains why acne affects teenagers more than anyone else.  However,  no one is immune to changes in hormones level.  For example pregnant women, menopause ones, or people suffering from hormonal disorder because of a disease may all suffer from acne, regardless of their age. So in principle, food has nothing to do with acne since it doesn’t cause hormonal disorder as such.

Many doctors will tell you however that nutrition can badly affect the state of the skin. Fat, high-sugared or acidic foods influence the condition of our skin. Greasy hamburgers, chicken fried in oil, fries, soda and sugary drinks, and sugary pastries one will find in fast food have an effect on our body. Without directly causing acne they have a negative effect because of the fats, sugars and acids they contain leak into our body to the smallest organisms, such as the skin cells, a fertile ground for acne.

Below are some of the reasons to avoid fast food if you’re subject to acne

  • The fat used in cooking is generally not good for health.  It harms your heart and other organs. It also contributes to increase cholesterol, which accumulates in the arteries over time. We should favor cooking oils recognized as good for the heart, such as olive oil.
  • Foods rich in sugar sold in fast food outlets are harmful to our health.  Chocolate, donuts, pastries, soft drinks, cakes and other foods made from refined sugars is are bad for the health if ingested to often or in too large quantities.  Regular consumption of such products worsens the condition of skin with acne.
  • Food sold in fast food contains far too much salt.  Salt if used excessively is bad for your health. It hardens the arteries, causing poor blood circulation. Over time, it promotes hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Salt intake is not directly linked with acne problems but it certainly doesn’t help the body to stay healthy. It is preferable to avoid abusing it.

To reduce significantly the consumption of the above mentioned foods helps to stay healthy. A healthy diet combined with regular physical exercise can do wonders to keep your body healthy, skin included.  Drinking plenty of water is a simple trick to significantly improve the condition of our skin.  Some causes of acne we simply cannot control, such as hormonal disorders, but there is one factor over which we have control; our diet.  We are what we eat.  Would you like to be what you eat daily?  Think about it!

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