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How to use the comedo (black top pimple) extractor

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Everyone has, at one some point be plagued by black top pimples.  They are a mingle of dead skin cells, oils and bacteria accumulated within the pores of the skin and also knowd as Comedo.  They are clearly visible in the face, and a nightmare for girls and women in particular, who usually wish to look their best at any times.   Fortunately there are specially designed devices to remove the Comedo while avoiding infections and therefore the appearance of more black top pimples.  The device is named Comedo extractor  (or blackhead extractor).

We can also choose to visit a beautician to dispose of the annoying Comedo.  They use tools specially designed for the purpose.  If it is the option you favor, then make sure to pick a professional beautician who will disinfect the equipment between each client. Improper sterilization can cause contamination with hepatitis B or C, HIV, and several other diseases and infections. If you own your Comedo extractor you can of course bring it along when you visit the beautician.

Should you prefer to remove the black top pimples on your own, it is advisable to get a Comedo extractor of professional quality.  You may also want to consult a dermatologist or an experienced esthetician first, to learn the basics rules for handling the blackheads extractor.   Before removing the Comedo you must cover your face with a clean wet and hot towel for a few minutes.  This will expend the pores and hair follicles, making the extraction easier.  The process is just as easy after a shower. When ready to start the extraction apply the tip of the device around the blackhead and press gently and gradually until sebum and debris are ejected from the follicle or pore of the skin.  Then simply wipe the skin very clean before moving to the next Comedo.  Do not insist should if the black spot resist extraction. After a few unsuccessful attempts t’s better to give up and move to the next to avoid infection or some micro-injury that may leave a scar.

If you’re dealing with a white dot containing some pus, it is recommended to thoroughly disinfect the area afterward, using a little alcohol or hot water.  The device should also be disinfected before moving to the next spot to avoid the risk of spreading infect.   The equipment must be also be sanitized once the work is completed.  If the blackhead is deep and looks like a small cyst, or if it appears infected, it is best not to remove it. When blackheads are infected and deep, or when acne is well developed, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

Do not use fingers or a suction device to remove blackheads. The fingers are not accurate enough and can cause a wound, hurt, and suction devices, being made in plastic, are not easy to disinfect.  It can then increase the problems of skin infection.  A suction device won’t provide in-depth cleaning of hair follicles and skin pores.  If blackheads occur frequently it’s a good idea to invest in a professional extractor.  The results will be worth it and acne more easily avoided!

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