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Links between food and acne

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Acne affects 90% of the world population at one point or another in the course of a lifetime and teenagers are its victims of choice.  Acne is the most common skin disease treated by dermatologists.  This skin disease can have various causes, such as hormonal changes, bacteria, or genetic factors. Many women suffer from acne during pregnancy, which is explained by the hormonal changes they experience in that time period.  Some studies go as far as claiming that diet could play a role in the appearance of the dreaded pimples.

For several years leading dermatologists have been researching the relationship between acne and diet.  Although some of these skin professionals insist that food has nothing to do with acne, others have reached the conclusion that there was some correlation between nutrition and acne breakouts.

Some studies have shown that eating pure carbohydrates and sugar leads to a surge of insulin in the blood. This increase would cause an excess of hormones, mainly androgens, which are singled out as the most powerful acne trigger. Dermatologists who support the theory of the link between sugar and acne maintain that this excess of male hormones causes the skin to secrete more sebum and oil.  Combined with bacteria present in the skin tissue, the amalgam prepares ideal ground for acne to breakout.  To make things worse, increase in the hormones level triggers a faster process of creating new subcutaneous cells.   Older cells, stuck in the upper layer of the epidermis, would contribute, along with excess sebum, to obstruct the pores of the skin, stimulating acne. Also in support of the link between diet and acne, some studies in Papua – New Guinea have shown that people whose diet was composed of many grains developed fewer acne problems.

The link between diet and acne is one of the hottest topics in the medical field these days. Many complain about the lack of investment in the area and insist that further studies should be undertaken.  In any case, everyone agrees that a good diet and regular exercise help the body to function better. To say that good nutrition can reduce acne breakouts is just another step that many healthcare professionals do not hesitate to cross!

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