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Myths and truths about acne

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There are many myths and lies circulating on the subject of acne. How can we separate fact from fiction?  Fortunately scientific research in recent years has managed to dismiss some false statements about acne and how to treat it. Researchers now have a clear idea of ​​what causes or does not cause acne.

Here are 7 major myths about acne :

Myth # 1: Acne is caused by eating certain foods. No serious scientific study has demonstrated beyond doubt that eating certain types of foods can cause acne.  Therefore ravening on pizza, chocolate, nuts or fatty foods will not increase the proliferation of acne pimples.   However, a good diet, drinking plenty of water and avoid smoking will definitely improve the look of your skin.  To eat well gives the skin the small boost it needs to stay beautiful and healthy.  If you suffer from acne it’s not a bad idea to put all the odds in your favor by eating well; but nutrition is not the cause of acne.

Myth # 2: Acne is the manifestation of poor skin hygiene.  Although keeping a clean skin brings about many benefits, dirt does not cause acne. Acne is formed under the surface of the skin and is due to the accumulation of sebum and dead cells at the bottom of the pores. It’s not dirt that clogs the follicles.  However, a clean skin is an effective factor in curing acne; acne lotions and creams have less effect on a dirty skin.  It is best to wash your face morning and night with mild soap.  Excellent soaps and anti-acne cleansing lotions are available, to be used only in case of acne of course; if the skin is healthy and without pimples, a regular facial soap is preferable.

Myth # 3: washing your face often helps heal acne pimples.  To keep a super clean skin by washing your face several times a day does not prevent acne.  In the contrary, to over-wash your face can actually worsen an acne problem. The skin is covered with natural protective oil (sebum). Too much cleaning bleaches the skin and leave it unprotected et even rash.   Washing morning and night with mild soap is sufficient.

Myth # 4: Only teenagers suffer from acne. While it is true that nearly 9 out of 10 teens will eventually experience more or less severe acne, it is also true that one adult out of 4 will suffer the same plague à some point.  Since acne is largely linked to hormonal disorder, adults are not spared.  Events such as pregnancy, menopause, or a health problem, can all trigger acne problems.

Myth # 5: Stress causes acne. Scientific studies have shown that stress is not an important factor in the development of acne. It was believed for many years that stress triggered outbreak of acne but it seems not to be the case. However, a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, and less stress, are still key factor to a better health. Stress does not help if you suffer acne, but it does not cause pimples by itself.

Myth # 6: Acne can be cured. Many people think that acne is a disease that can be cured permanently. Unfortunately this is not the case. Acne can be controlled and prevented by skin care, but it cannot be cured forever. As hormonal disorders are often involved in the development of acne, an episode can occur any time after such a hormonal change.

Several false certainties about acne have been around a long time, as well as about the causes and remedies.  When in doubt, it is best to see a healthcare professional, family doctor or dermatologist.  It’s wise to seek help before the problem gets worse.

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