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Things you can do to heal of acne

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Acne is known to cause many problems for adolescents, with those unwanted pimples invading their face. The hormonal changes observed in the teen years explain this invasion of pimples. The sebaceous glands producing sebum are more active in the adolescence, contributing to obstructing the pores of the skin pores and cause acne. An acne breakout will often happen unexpectedly, and won’t necessarily affect only the face. If not controlled and properly treated the skin disease can leave cuts, scars and pokes on the skin. We must be alert, to observe and swiftly care for any acne outbreak.

Acne is an inflammatory disease affecting the sebaceous follicles, which are the glands providing sebum to the hair roots. The scientific name of acne is ‘acne vulgaris’.  Many adults mistakenly believe that acne is only a teenagers’ disease but it is not. The main cause of acne, as identified by researchers and scientists, is that the pores are blocked by the accumulation of secretions from the sebaceous glands. When acne breaks out it does not necessarily means that all pores are obstructed. Why some and not others?  The exact reason is not yet known and further research is underway to explain the phenomenon. But since hormonal changes can occur at any age (pregnancy, menopause, hormonal disorders, etc..), no one can claim to be immuned to an acne breakout.

You can take basic precautions to avoid being affected by acne. To keep the skin fresh, clean, and free of heavy makeup that clog pores, is a good start.  You must wash the skin morning and night with mild soap and moisturize the skin with a light moisturizer. For women, it is necessary to remove all traces of makeup before going to bed. One should never go to sleep with a face covered by a thick layer of dyed foundation for the natural oils will be stock within the skin pores remain by makeup et produce an ideal ground for acne. If you have black or white points they should be extracted before they can cause acne pimples, as a black dot contains rubbles trapped in the pores of the skin.

Do not press the acne pimples with your fingers for there’s a risk of permanent scars. It is essential to use a Comedo extractor to remove blackheads.  If the area is already infected with inflammation and infection, use a product specifically designed to care for acne (soap, cream). To heal inflammatory or non-inflammatory acne, it is best to consult a dermatologist, rather than use products that may not be suitable in your case.  Caring for acne at the first signs of outburst is the key of success to recover a beautiful skin free of scars. And the key to prevent acne is to treat your skin well, by cleaning it thoroughly morning and evening, and giving it a chance to breathe. Acne is a skin disease that puts pride to the test! Fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent and cure it.

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