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5 effective products against acne

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5 effective products against acne

For some people to struggle with acne can seem like an insurmountable problem.

Here is a list of natural products and unnatural, which are effective against acne:

1 – The astringent witch hazel: This astringent comes from the plant of the same name. The witch hazel is widespread in Nova Scotia in Canada to Texas and Florida. Extracted from this plant that uses a liquid astringent, and is very effective against acne. The astringent Hamamelis is found in health food stores. It is weaker than the chemical astringents usually commercially. It is gentle to the skin, but still very effective against acne.

2 – Commercial astringents: several cosmetic companies produce astringents, which can be equally effective as the other against acne. There are on the market a wide variety and choice of products, which may contain different ingredients. It is often necessary to try several products before finding one that is perfect for our skin. The disadvantage of commercial astringents, is that they may contain non-natural chemicals that can be harsh to the skin. You must use astringents with care as they can dry the skin. We also recommend to moisturize his skin when astringents are often used.

3 – Certain home can be found in the kitchen, believe it or not, fruits and vegetables that are the sworn enemies of acne! Oranges and lemons, for example, can provide a powerful weapon against small buttons: juice. Simply press an orange or a lemon on a cotton ball and apply it in the extract on affected areas of acne. Leave on the skin for twenty minutes and then wash with a mild soap. It is also said that rubbing fresh garlic without skin against skin that suffers from acne is also very effective. What not to do before a social outing by cons! Also wash after 20 minutes. Potatoes without skins rubbed against the face also have an anti acne effect. All these ingredients have one thing in common: they have antiseptic properties that kill bacteria that cause acne.

4 - Oral antibiotics for severe cases of acne, the doctor or dermatologist may prescribe an oral antibiotic taken. Antibiotics fight against bacteria that are found inside the acne infected pimples. They also reduce harmful chemicals produced by white blood cells, products that create infection. Finally, antibiotics can reduce the concentration of free fatty acids in sebum, creating an anti-inflammatory action. To have access to antibiotics, should, however, consult a health care professional. Antibiotics are generally used when all other methods of treatment against acne, such as creams, soaps, lotions and anti-acne have not been successful. Tetracycline is an antibiotic that is commonly prescribed against acne. Sometimes erythromycin may also be prescribed. By cons, this antibiotic can sometimes cause nausea. The advantage of erythromycin is that it has very potent anti-inflammatory properties. Whatever the antibiotic prescribed to fight against acne, the drug dosage should be observed to the letter, and the antibiotic should be taken until the end of treatment, otherwise it may create resistance bacteria to antibiotics.

5 – Topical treatments: creams are specially designed to dry and flaking skin, leaving arise a new and healthy skin. The treating agent contained in these creams is benzoyl peroxide, which is known to be very effective for treating acne. It is this and is also contained in the tiniest proportions in most OTC products against acne (cream, lotion, soap, etc.).

There are several ways to get rid of acne. You may need to use multiple solutions at the same time to overcome the severe acne cases. For example, use a cream against acne can be made together with oral antibiotics. When an acne treatment quickly at the beginning of the pimples problem, often prevents the condition worsens.

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