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Natural alternatives to treat acne

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As explained previously, acne is mainly caused by the obstruction of the skin pores by natural oil secreted by the body. This obstruction is initiated by a particular type of bacteria.  Most treatments and balms available to treat acne largely concentrate on the elimination of scars and pimples, but not overmuch on the bacteria responsible for their appearance.

This awareness leads some people to seek alternative treatments against acne that will focus primarily on eliminating the undesirable bacteria responsible for acne. One of the greatest benefits of alternative acne treatments is that they are devoid of side effects. There are several herbal treatments against acne that proved effective. For example, a plant-based paste with basil leaves and sandalwood provides excellent results in curing acne. Apparently a paste made of strawberry leaves also shows interesting properties to overcome the bacteria that cause acne. Several other combinations of natural plant-based medications are available in stores specialized in natural products and some can indeed help cure acne.

One can also keep a healthy skin by providing it with the essential vitamins it needs. A deficiency in vitamin A, vitamin E, and pantothenic acid can weaken the skin and therefore make more susceptible to acne.  Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables plus vitamin supplements can help heal acne, mostly when combined with the use of skin treatment products.   Several naturopathic treatments are also known to help treat acne. These natural products are herbal compounds with natural cleansing properties. Some of these products also contain vitamin supplements. Generally the use of natural products is less expensive than traditional treatment against acne.

Recently an alternate method to treat acne showed some promises; the treatment by light. The process involves ultraviolet rays to fight acne breakouts.   In fact the effectiveness of ultraviolet light has long been demonstrated in he treatment of other skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

However the use of alternate acne treatment requires 100% commitment from the patient.  Unlike other methods natural treatment may need more time and demand regular monitoring because they’re not so intensive.  Even natural products may interact with medications though, and they’re not totally without danger.  Before opting for an alternate acne treatment it’s best to consult your physician first.

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