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Laser : an effective therapy against acne

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The use of cameras and laser phototherapy is increasingly common to treat various skin diseases. Over the past ten years these new technologies greatly helped healing patients who suffered from skin diseases resisting traditional treatments.  Acne is one of those diseases that can be treated with laser or phototherapy.

Some patients do not respond to traditional treatments against acne. For those the skin treatments are just not effective, or it triggered undesirable side effects.  In those cases it’s important to use an alternative to successfully cure the patient of the acne problem.

Many experts and researchers devoted time to solving the problem of resistance to the traditional treatments against acne. Among others they studied the possibilities of lumino-therapy to treat cases reluctant to the already vast arsenal of traditional treatment against acne.  The medical aspects of photobiology and optics were explored to determine the currently available laser technologies as well as other process based on the use of light.  Clinical tests were conducted to evaluate these technologies and assess their effectiveness when it comes to the treatment of skin diseases.

After a series of clinical tests results showed that 85% of the patients treated displayed a significant reduction of acne. In the case of acne lesions the reduction was of the order of 50% after 4 treatments every 2 weeks. Approximately 20% of the cases showed eradication of acne up to 90%.   3 months after the last treatment, recovery was about 70% to 80%.  Only 15 to 20% of the tested subjects did respond to the treatment.

According to researchers, laser and other therapeutic devices based on light are safe and effective in the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne.  When compared to the results of oral antibiotics, the technique of acne treatment with phototherapy or laser provides faster healing and fewer side effects. Treated patients are very satisfied with the results.   Those results are promising for the patients with chronic taken acne problems.

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