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Prevent and treat acne in 12 steps

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To keep a clean face is the first step to prevent and treat acne. Acne affects the skin from both inside and out, you must then react by treating acne from the outside but also from the inside.  If the outbreak of acne outbreak is not too severe, a simple 12-step treatment may be sufficient to eradicate it.

Acne is the body’s response to the toxins invading it. The pimple is in fact an inflammation produced inside a pore of the skin. This inflammation is caused by a buildup of bacteria, sebum and rubbles. Sebum is natural oil secreted by the skin to moisturize and protect itself but sometimes hormonal changes can cause the sebaceous glands to over-produce.   It leads to a blockage of the skin pore and the body’s immune system reacts, producing the inflammation.  In addition, the blood also carries toxins that can affect the appearance of acne. Nutrition has unsuspected effect on the tissues, organs and cells in our body. We must therefore do our best to protect our skin from both internal and external attacks.

Here are 12 factors you should keep in mind to prevent and cure acne:

1. Keep your face clean. Cleanse your skin morning and evening with a product specifically designed for acne.  Do not overdo it however, for too many washing will destroy the natural oil protecting your skin.  Twice a day is enough. Hands carry bacteria so avoid touching your face.  Do not touch the pimples either and do not try to burst them open.

2. Wash your hands often. You have no idea how many times we unconsciously touch our face in the course of a single day.

3. Use moisturizer that treats acne.

4. If you suffer from constipation do not hesitate to see your physician.  It’s important to ingest enough fibers to evacuate regularly.

5. Watch your diet and drink plenty of water. A good diet and plenty of water helps to have beautiful skin.

6. Make sure to ingest the vitamins and minerals your body needs on a daily basis, and take vitamin supplements if need be.

7. Let your skin breathe and get some sun (within reason). Avoid thick layers of foundation or powder makeup. Some chemicals found in makeup products can irritate the skin and promote acne. Likewise the creams and lotions containing too much grease prevent the skin from breathing properly. Even if you enjoy a healthy skin, favor water base makeup over oily one.

8. There are herbal remedies to clean the body of toxins.  A cure in spring and fall can do wonders.

9. Have a positive attitude. It’s not your fault if you suffer from acne. Acne is not a sign of uncleanliness but simply an infection often caused by a hormonal disorder. You should not be embarrassed to seek professional help if you’re facing acne difficult to deal with.

10. You can help your face by gently patting it with a clean warm towel to activate blood circulation. Do not rub with the towel, just tap lightly and softly. This may also help to gently hatch some pimples filled with pus; keep in mind that you must never pinch or burst open for there’s a risk of scars.  Do not make this operation more than 2 to 3 times per week. If a pimple breaks open do not touch it and risk infecting the wound left open. Just wash your face with anti-acne mild soap to prevent infection.

11. Wash your pillowcase often. Try sleeping on your back, to prevent the facial skin affected by acne from being in contact with the fabric of the pillows; fabrics can also become a vector of infection through bacteria.

12. Everything we apply on our skin ends up in our body through the bloodstream. Therefore always favor cosmetics made from natural ingredients. Many creams, lotions and commercial soaps contain all kinds of chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

These simple steps should help keep acne away! If the pimples still invade you, act quickly with the appropriate remedies to limit the damage.

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