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Your weapons to defeat acne

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Control of acne is not always easy. Despite flawless skin hygiene and a healthy lifestyle, acne pimples can show up and poison our social life. But we can successfully control acne by attacking on several fronts.

The first thing to do is of course to try the OTC anti-acne products. They usually provide good results. The first step is to clean the face morning and night with soap or cleansing lotion specially designed to treat acne. This will effectively kill the bacteria that cause acne when regular soap would not. Do not exceed two cleanings per day. It is useless to clean the face 10 times a day. The effect would actually opposite because the irritated skin, ripped of its protective oils, will be left open to bacteria. The application of a cream against acne can complete the cleaning. Once or twice a week exfoliate the skin will also help the proper penetration of treatment products.  However, never abuse the scrubbing.

There are also effective natural products to help cure acne. A wide range of vitamins and minerals are available to improve your general health. When our needs for vitamins and minerals are met, the body is stronger down to the smallest cells. Better blood circulation, well-nourished cells, and better oxygenated skin are good bases to fight acne. Physical exercise therefore plays a key role, because a healthy body functions better. This in turn reflects on the skin, the largest organ of the human body. So, eat well, take vitamin supplements if necessary, get regular exercise, avoid smoking, and drink plenty of water, those are the basic weapons to win a healthy skin. Without being the miracle cure to acne, a healthy lifestyle certainly doesn’t hurt.  Acne is an infection of the skin, giving your body the tools to fight it is essential.

If acne has left its mark on your skin, there are treatments available to correct it. For example, laser surgery or chemical exfoliation (peeling) can be used to correct minor imperfections left behind by the acne pimples. To avoid scars, avoid touching the acne pimples, pinch or drill them to expel the pus. The affected area will be open to bacteria which could further aggravate the problem.  We often touch our face inconsciously several times a day; let’s pay attention.

If despite all precautions and available OTC treatments acne is uncontrollable, we must seek help from a dermatologist or our family doctor. The professional may, if necessary, prescribe antibiotics or stronger products available only by prescription.  He or she will also check if the problem could not be a result of hormonal disorders or another health problem. It is possible to overcome acne. With the right tools, it can be done!


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