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Acne: why seek professional help ?

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In some cases it may be necessary to get professional help to successfully treat acne. Should you decide to visit a dermatologist or a doctor to find a solution to your acne problem, here are some tips to effectively communicate with that professional and thus maximize diagnosis and treatment:

  • There is no shame in acne. This is not a sign of uncleanliness or neglect. Millions of people suffer from it around the world.  It is a disease that makes us feel uncomfortable and has devastating for our self-esteem. If you suffer from acne you must seriously consider the option consulting a healthcare professional to help you resolve the problem; either a doctor or a dermatologist. These specialists are highly qualified and their help is invaluable in getting rid of your Acne in the shortest time.  In some cases hormonal imbalance or other physical problem may be the prime cause.  Using skin product can possibly ease the symptoms but will not treat the basic cause.  So if the problem persists never hesitate or be ashamed to consult a dermatologist.
  • It is not the job of doctors and dermatologists to judge but to help. Be specific when you explain your acne problem; lies are futile when it comes to professional help.  For example, hiding the fact that you regularly go to bed without cleansing or have a poor diet won’t bring results at the end.  The professional needs a clear picture of the situation.  So to get effective help we must not hide anything.  Your healthcare professional has likely seen it all already so be honest and accurate; it will save time and money.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. Remember that we are all different, and that the treatment effective for one is not necessarily so for another.  Full knowledge of your particular state will greatly help the physician or dermatologist to determine the best treatment for you.  Write down questions and symptoms beforehand, that way you won’t forget anything important during the consultation.
  • The doctor can reach an accurate diagnose unless you provide all the information. Good communication is essential.  You won’t help your cause by keeping out some facts or embarrassing aspects. Do not be shy, ask questions, and give all the information you deem relevant. For example, a recent change in your diet, a new medication or the use of a new hygiene product could turn out important factor in the final diagnosis.
  • If you have already tried some OTC products to treat acne, mention it. If a product against acne was ineffective for you, the professional will not recommend a similar one with a different name but the same active ingredients.
  • If emotional or social balance is affected by your skin problem, do not hesitate to mention it. Again, the doctor or dermatologist can help you overcome the shame often associated with acne. Mental and physical health go hand in hand.
  • After the consultation is over, the diagnosis established, and the treatment determined, make sure that you understand all you need to know for the treatment to be effective.  Be sure you understand the correct way to apply the treatment, how long it will last, and how long it will take before you see results. Ask about side effects traditionally associated with the treatment of acne.  By asking all the right questions you will be better prepared to the small problems that may occur during treatment.  Also set an appointment for a follow-up to properly evaluate the results.

Results will be far better if you’re well informed about the treatment and provided your healthcare professional with the right information.  Remember that there are a multitude of treatments against acne, each with its own characteristics and not necessarily suitable for everyone. Don’t give up if the treatment doesn’t work. Just notify your doctor or dermatologist who will find a more suitable one.  Be patient, and work closely with your healthcare the professional so soon you can sing: bye-bye pimples!

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