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Baby’s acne

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Infants may develop acne problems due to maternal hormones that remain in the body after the delivery. These hormones, passed on through the placenta before birth, can affect the baby’ sebaceous glands and trigger the unwanted pimples.

One should not worry too much about the presence of acne pimples in the baby; approximately 20% are affected by what is also known as Newborn Acne.

The treatment of infantile acne is different from that for teens or adults. Infantile acne is actually for male babies are more affected than female babies. In general, baby’s Acne will occur in the third week following birth, although some may have a rash at birth time. The types of acne pimples found in infants are papules and pustules. The papules are small red pimples while pustules are white, because they contain pus. They will often appear on the child’s scalp.

Baby’s Acne does not require treatment as such.  In the worst cases the lesions will disappear within 4 months.  Simply take care of baby’s skin normally, or wash it with a mild soap once a day and use a moisturizer on the baby’s skin.   Under no circumstances should you use the usual Acne treatments sold in stores. The skin of the newborn is sensitive, so let’s avoid irritating it with strong products containing chemicals.  Even natural treatments against acne should be discarded in order to protect the fragile skin of the newborn. The traditional methods of acne treatment can even have the opposite effect and worsen a skin problem. We must let nature take its course, the acne pimples will disappear by themselves.

Similarly, despite the urge to take beautiful baby pictures, we must avoid applying on the baby’s cheeks any kind of cosmetics – like Mom’s makeup for example.  Baby’s skin must breathe well.  Should the baby’s acne grow out of control it is then best to talk to the pediatrician or family physician to know what products that can be safely used on baby’s fragile skin.

The ways of acne are mysterious. You can have a family history of severe acne, but it does not mean that your baby will someday suffer from it.  On the other hand, a baby from a family with no Acne history can eventually end up with ugly pimples. The timeframe for the appearance of Acne in newborn babies is between 3 and 12 months at most. No particular treatment is therefore needed, aside from good hygiene. It is really best to let nature follow its course.  In rare cases the problem can last up to 3 years, but this is very uncommon. These cases are often due to genetics and heredity is often to blame.

Parents will greet small acne pimples with understandable anxiety by parents and hail their departure with equal joy… but they’re harmless for the baby, only unpleasant.

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