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Ineffective treatments against acne

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There is a tremendous amount of misinformation currently circulating about acne. Advices are shared, spreading from one individual to the next but supported by no scientific evidence.  Even more concerning are the possible consequences of trying for the person to try substances that can actually be dangerous for the individual.

Here is a list of house treatments against acne; some of them ludicrous and totally ineffective :

  • The homemade cleaning products:  Some will recommend treating Acne with home cleaning products diluted with water.  Although most would never dare believe it, some will not hesitate to try such a recommendation found on the Internet.  Using industrial cleaning products on the skin is very dangerous, and that includes all cleaning liquids and powders.  It can cause serious chemical burns and penetrate the body to spread chemicals harmful for the health.
  • The use of facial saunas:  Just like real saunas, facial saunas will cause excessive sudation from the skin pores. While this may be beneficial for normal and healthy skins it can irritate sensitive ones affected by acne. This can also cause bacterial over activity since bacteria thrive under hot and humid conditions.
  • Exfoliating and / or moisturizing strips:  There are strips specially designed to be applied over the skin at bedtime so by morning excess oil and dead cells are removed. These strips can damage the skin already covered with acne pimples. They can cause allergies, and prevent the skin from breathing properly.
  • Extended exposure to sunlight or use of a tanning bed:  The sunrays can be beneficial for treating skin problems such as psoriasis, but they have no effect on acne.  Too much sun can even be harmful because the skin is very sensitive to UVA and UVB rays. On the long term venturing too long in the sun without protection could cause skin cancer.  Furthermore, exposure to sunlight is not recommended for peoples taking medications such as oral antibiotics.
  • The use cream of Sudocrem cream:  Sudocrem is a product designed to treat diaper rash in infants.  But it is totally ineffective against acne, primarily because it contains a mixture of fats and oils. These ingredients are not recommended for skin with acne.
  • Taking high doses of vitamin A or B:  These vitamins will not help to treat acne, and can trigger side effects when taken in excessive doses.
  • Rubbing the acne pimples:  Some peoples will say that rubbing favors blood circulation and therefore helps to cure acne by easing the flow of blood and oxygen within the pimples.  Wrong; by rubbing the pimples there’s always a risk to contaminate the surrounding areas, thus spreading the problem to non-affected skin. The pimples being very sensitive it could also result in skin irritation.

There are countless other reasons against the use of household products to treat Acne. Many are not even worse. It is wiser to avoid just anyone remedies to rely on well repute products specially formulated to treat acne.  If counter products fail to cure your chronic Acne, then the best option is to see a dermatologist.

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